I Just Bought The Dopest DJ Headphones

Hey fam,

Just wanted to throw up a quick post about what I think are the best DJ headphones in 2016. These headphones are amazing and I’ve loved listening to music in these since I bought them.

These are the KRK KNS 8400s and they’re bomb as hell. These DJ headphones are closed back and have an amazing frequency response. If you really want to hear the different instruments in your music these babies will leave you speechless.

I’ve always wanted a good pair of headphones for my DJ mixes, but I’ve always settled for the mediocre middle-of-the-line types of headphones. But now I decided to splurge, spend a couple hundred dollars and get a really solid set of DJ headphones. My last purchase was for DJ software which I found here.

So why did I choose to get the KRK headphones? I’ve purchased studio monitors from them before and I’ve been really happy with how they sound. They really give you a nice clear and clean (slightly hyped) sound. But it really gives your music listening session a new type of experience.

For DJing specifically I was thinking about getting a different pair but decided on the KRKs anyways. The way I came to the decision was through this review of the best DJ headphones from FinalScratch. Beyond that I tested them out too and really loved the sound and the music instrument shop here locally. If the KNS 8400 are too much they also have a slightly downgraded set too – check them out.

I also just wanted to get a nice looking pair of DJ headphones. And I really liked the look of the KRKs. They are pretty comfortable to wear too – especially when you’re DJing for a long period of time. Extended mixing isn’t a problem at all with these beauties.

So what kind of DJ headphones do you use? I would love to hear from my readers about their take on the best DJ headphones. My next purchase is probably going to be a new DJ mixer. I need a new mixer but I really like the one I have right now – it’s a Denon so it’s a pretty good brand and build quality. I also use serato scratch live so that’s a pretty good setup I’ve got for now.

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